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A.    FiberB.    BluetoothC.    SATAD.    USBAnswer: D QUESTION 427Which of the following is a feature of both triple and dual channel memory architectures? A.    Small pieces of data are interleaved to reduce latencyB.    Data is processed asymmetrically from each RAM channelC.    Three RAM modules can be used in this architecture and have the best performanceD.    They are flexible as RAM can be different manufacturers and sizes Answer: A QUESTION 428Which of the following voltages can be measured from a Molex connector on the power supply? (Select TWO). A.    1.5 voltsB.    3 voltsC.    5 voltsD.    12 voltsE.    115 volts Answer: CD QUESTION 429Which of the following TCP/IP addresses is a Class B address? A. Answer: C QUESTION 430When upgrading BIOS firmware, which of the following limits are MOST commonly increased? A.    CPUB.    USB capacityC.    Optical driveD.    RAM Answer: D QUESTION 431A technician installs a new sound card but no sound can be heard. Which of the following utilities can be used to see an error? A.    MSCONFIGB.    Device ManagerC.    DXDIAGD.    REGEDIT Answer: B QUESTION 432A customer would like to be able to watch TV on their home computer and record television shows. Which of the following should be installed in their machine? A.    FireWire cardB.    Tuner cardC.    Wireless cardD.    Serial card Answer: B QUESTION 433A small office would like to implement a cost effective alternative to a full blown server that merely provides simple file sharing with RAID 1. Which of the following is the BEST option? A.    NASB.    IPSC.    Access PointD.    SAN Answer: A QUESTION 434Which of the following devices would need to be installed on a computer to allow the user to make video conference calls? A.    WebcamB.    DigitizerC.    LCD displayD.    MicrophoneAnswer: A QUESTION 435Which of the following connection types uses a 15-pin connector for displays? A.    USBB.    VGAC.    SerialD.    DVI-I Answer: B QUESTION 436Which of the following PC configurations would benefit the MOST from additional processor cores? A.    Virtualization WorkstationB.    File Sharing ServerC.    Office Productivity PCD.    Thin Client Answer: A QUESTION 437Which of the following network classes is identified by a subnet mask of A.    Class AB.    Class BC.    Class CD.    Class D Answer: B QUESTION 438While explaining a problem to a technician a customer misuses terminology that confuses the technician. Which of the following is an appropriate response for the technician? A.    Politely listen to the customer and then perform diagnosticsB.    Explain that the terminology being used is unknownC.    Ask questions to help fully understand the issueD.    Ask another technician to help the customer Answer: C QUESTION 439When sharing a local printer with network users, which of the following considerations MUST be taken into account to ensure users will be able to print? A.    Network permissionsB.    Printer languageC.    Print spool prioritiesD.    Network topology Answer: A QUESTION 440An example of built-in system diagnostics includes which of the following? A.    POST cardsB.    Indicator lightsC.    TPMD.    BIOS settings Answer: B QUESTION 441When adding an additional internal SATA hard drive to a system, which of the following BIOS settings should be confirmed? A.    TPM statusB.    Clock speedC.    Port statusD.    Bus speed Answer: C QUESTION 442A video adapter typically has which of the following connector types? A.    eSATAB.    HDMIC.    DB-9D.    RS-232 Answer: B QUESTION 443The accounting department has requested a printer with a duplexing assembly. They most likely want to add which of the following features? A.    Print in color on card stockB.    Print on both sidesC.    Print on envelopesD.    Print on specialized paper Answer: B QUESTION 444Which of the following will send all received packets out all of its ports except the port it was received on? A.    SwitchB.    RouterC.    WAPD.    Hub Answer: D QUESTION 445Which of the following is used to detect and correct a single bit error in a memory DIMM? A.    RIMMB.    ECCC.    ParityD.    8b10b encode/decode Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 446A new user in a corporate HR department must print to a network printer. This printer is only used by the HR department for confidential documents. Which of the following is the FASTEST way to allow the user access to the printer? A.    Add the group Print Users to the HR group.B.    Add the new user to the Everyone group and give the group Print rights to the printer.C.    Add the group Everyone group to the HR group.D.    Add the new user to the HR group. Answer: D QUESTION 447Which of the following devices requires calibration as part of its installation? A.    Touch screenB.    MouseC.    External HDDD.    Keyboard Answer: A QUESTION 448A cellular mobile hot-spot would create which of the following network types? A.    MANB.    LANC.    WAND.    PAN Answer: D QUESTION 449An upset customer, Anne, calls in to a repair center to report that her new computer is not working. Anne berates the technician and insists someone repair her computer as soon as possible. The technician should do which of the following? (Select TWO). A.    Maintain a positive attitudeB.    Recommend Anne use another repair centerC.    Place Anne on hold to allow her to calm downD.    Follow up with Anne at a later date to verify satisfactionE.    Offer different repair options if possibleF.    Listen and do not interrupt the customer Answer: AE QUESTION 450A technician, Joe, has been told that one of the workers at his company has been using a company laptop for illicit activity. The IT manager assigned Joe the task of retrieving the laptop and bringing it back to the repair center. Which of the following has Joe performed? A.    Maintain chain of custodyB.    Gathering evidenceC.    Device preservationD.    Use of documentation Answer: B More free Lead2pass 220-901 exam new questions on Google Drive: About 90% questions are from this 220-901 dump. One thing you need to pay attention is the questions are rephrased in the real 220-901 exam. 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