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Following questions and answers are all new published by iSQI Official Exam Center: QUESTION 225System testing is: A.    Used to search for defects in software modules that are separately testable.B.    The responsibility of the users of a system.C.    Concerned with the behavior of a whole system/product as defined by the scope of a development project.D.    Triggered by modifications, migration or retirement of the software system.Answer: C QUESTION 226A client-server system for a web development must support a minimum of 200 enquiries per hour. In peak times, it must be available 24 hours x 7 days due to the critical nature of the application, and must have a response time lower than 20 seconds during peak loads. Which of the following set of test types would be most appropriate to verify the non-functional requirements expressed in this statement? A.    Performance, Usability, Regression.B.    System, Load, Fail-over.C.    Performance, Load, Stress.D.    Load, Volume and Component. Answer: C QUESTION 227A system calculates the amount of customs duty to be paid: _ No duty is paid on goods value up to, and including, $2,000._ The next $8,000 is taxed at 10%._ The next $20,000 after that is taxed at 12%._ Any further amount after that is taxed at 17%. To the nearest $, which of these groups of numbers fall into three DIFFERENT equivalence classes? A.    $20,000 $20,001 $30,001B.    $2,000 $2,001 $10,000C.    $2,000 $8,000 $20,000D.    $1,500 $2,000 $10,000 Answer: C QUESTION 228What are metrics NOT used for? A.    To identify the percentage of work done in test environment preparation.B.    To identify the percentage of work done in test case preparation.C.    To apply to the RAD development model.D.    To measure whether dates of test milestones were met. Answer: C QUESTION 229Which of the following is a white box testing design characteristic? A.    To be based on specificationsB.    To be based on an analysis of the test basis documentationC.    To be based on an analysis of the structure of the component or systemD.    To include both functional and non-functional testing Answer: C QUESTION 230In a system designed to work out the employee tax to be paid: _ An employee has $4,000 of salary tax free._ The next $1,500 is taxed at 10%._ The next $28,000 after that is taxed at 22%._ Any further amount is taxed at 40%. Which of these is a valid Boundary Value Analysis test case? A.    $28,000B.    $1,500C.    $33,501D.    $5,000 Answer: C QUESTION 231What is a test condition? A.    A statement of test objectives and test ideas on how to test.B.    An item or event that could be verified by one or more test cases.C.    The process of identifying differences between the actual results and the expected results for a test.D.    All documents from which the requirements of a component or system can be inferred. Answer: B QUESTION 232Which of the following test organizations has the highest level of independence? A.    Independent testers within the development teamsB.    Independent testers from the user communityC.    Independent test specialists for specific test types, such as usability, performance or certification test specialistsD.    Code tested by another developer from the development team Answer: C QUESTION 233Which of the following would NOT be a typical target of testing support tools? A.    Automate activities that require significant resources when done manuallyB.    Automate activities that cannot be executed manuallyC.    Automate repetitive tasksD.    Automating repetitive inspections Answer: D QUESTION 234What type of test design technique is the most effective in testing screen-dialog flows? A.    Use case testingB.    Boundary value testingC.    Statement testing and coverageD.    State transition testing Answer: D QUESTION 235What content would be in an incident report if that incident report was based on the IEEE 829 Standard for SoftwareTest Documentation? (i)Identification of configuration items of the software or system.(ii)Software or system lifecycle process in which the incident was observed. (iii)Description of the anomaly to enable reproduction of the incident.(iv)Number of occurrences of the incident.(v)Classification of the cause of the incident for metrics and for reporting purposes. A.    i, ii, iiiB.    ii, iiiC.    i, iii, ivD.    i, ii, iii, v Answer: A QUESTION 236"Experience based" test design techniques, typically... A.    Use decision tables to generate the Boolean test conditions to be executed.B.    Identify the structure of the system or software at the component, integration or system level.C.    Use the skill, intuition and experience of the tester to derive the test cases, using error guessing and exploratory testing.D.    Establish traceability from test conditions back to the specifications and requirements. Answer: C QUESTION 237Testers are often seen as the bearer of unwanted news regarding defects. What are effective ways to improve the communication and relationship between testers and others? (a)  Communicate factual information in a constructive way.(b)  Try to understand how the other person feels and why they react the way they do.(c)  Always outsource testing activities.(d)  Never record information that could be used to apportion blame to an individual or team. A.    a and bB.    a, b and cC.    a, b and dD.    a and c Answer: A QUESTION 238Which of the following is a valid reason for writing test cases based on experience and intuition? A.    Use of formal techniques requires expensive trainingB.    Only experience can ensure all functionality is coveredC.    Tests based on experience and intuition can supplement formal techniquesD.    Formal techniques require the use of expensive tools Answer: C QUESTION 239Which of the following test design techniques is classified as a structure-based (white box) technique? A.    Exploratory testingB.    Decision table testingC.    State transition testingD.    Statement testing Answer: D QUESTION 240Why is independent testing important? A.    Because independent testers make fewer assumptions than developersB.    Because independent testers are isolated from the development teamC.    Because independent testers can verify assumptions made during specification and implementation of the systemD.    Because independent testers have a greater sense of responsibility for quality than developers Answer: C QUESTION 241Which statement BEST describes when test planning should be performed? A.    Test planning is performed only once, at the beginning of the life cycle, andgenerates a Master Test PlanB.    Test planning is performed at the beginning of the life cycle and again at the beginning of test executionC.    Test planning is performed at the beginning of the life cycle and again at every test levelD.    Test planning is performed continuously in all life cycle processes and activities Answer: D QUESTION 242Refer to the exhibit. The following test cases need to be run, but time is limited, and it is possible that not all will be completed before the end of the test window   The first activity is to run any re-tests, followed by the regression test script. Users have supplied their priority order to tests.Which of the following gives an appropriate test execution schedule, taking account of the prioritisation and other constraints? A.    b, c, g, d, e, i, a, f, hB.    a, c, d, b, g, e, i, f, hC.    c, a, d, b, e, g, i, h, fD.    d, c, a, e, b, g, i, f, h Answer: C QUESTION 243Which of the following factors will MOST affect the testing effort required to test a software product? A.    The number of staff available to execute testsB.    The level of detail in the test planC.    The requirements for reliability and security in the productD.    The test estimation method used Answer: C QUESTION 244Which of the following metrics could be used to monitor progress along with test preparation and execution? A.    The total number of tests plannedB.    The total number of requirements to be testedC.    The failure rate in testing already completedD.    The number of testers used for test execution so far Answer: C QUESTION 245Test objectives for systems testing of a safety critical system include completion of all outstanding defect correction. Regression testing is required following defect correction at all test levels. Which TWO of the following metrics would be MOST suitable for determining whether the test objective has been met? (a) Regression tests run and passed in systems testing(b) Incidents closed in systems testing(c) Planned tests run and passed in system testing(d) Planned tests run and passed at all levels of testing(e) Incidents raised and closed at all levels of testing A.    a and eB.    b and cC.    d and eD.    a and b Answer: A QUESTION 246Test script TransVal 3.1 tests transaction validation via screen TRN 003B. According to the specification (PID ver 1.3 10b iv) the validation screen should not accept future dated transactions. Test script TransVal 3.1 passes. Test script eod 1.4 tests end of day processing and is run after the execution of TransVal 3.1 using data entered during that testWhich of the following is the BEST detail on an incident report? A.    Title. End of Day failure.. Reproducible. Yes. Description. Script eod 1.4 fails when the first transaction of the day is a future dated transaction. Screen shot of the failure attached.B.    Title. Transaction input screen validation..Reproducible. Yes. Description. Script eod 1..4 fails . Screen shot of the failure attached. Validation of transaction entryon screen TRN-003B should not allow future dated transactions ?see PID ver 1.3 para 10b iv.C.    Title. Screen TRN-003B validation of transaction date.. Reproducible. No. Description. When a future dated transaction is processed by the end of day process, a failure can occur. This does not always happen. Screen shot of the failure attached.D.    Title. Screen TRN-003B validation of transaction date. Reproducible. Yes. Description. Script eod 1.4 fails when the first transaction of the day is a future dated transaction. Screen shot of the failure attached. Validation of transaction entry on screen TRN-003B should not allow future dated transactions ?see PID ver 1.3 para 10b iv. Answer: D QUESTION 247Which TWO of the following test tools would be classified as test execution tools? (a) Test data preparation tools(b) Test harness(c) Review tools(d) Test comparators(e) Configuration management tools A.    a and bB.    c and dC.    c and eD.    b and d Answer: D QUESTION 248Which of the following is a consideration when deploying test execution tools? A.    Data-driven testing cannot be used with test execution toolsB.    Recorded manual tests may become unstable in useC.    Keyword-driven testing cannot be used with test execution toolsD.    Expected results for tests are not required because the tool generates expected results Answer: B QUESTION 249Which of the following correctly states a limitation in the use of static analysis tools? A.    Static analysis tools can be applied to new code but cannot be applied to existing codeB.    Static analysis tools can be used to enforce coding standardsC.    Static analysis tools always generate large numbers of warning messages when applied to new code, even if the code meets coding standardsD.    Static analysis tools do not generate warning messages when applied to existing code Answer: B QUESTION 250What is the main reason for using a pilot project to introduce a testing tool into an organization? A.    To identify the requirements for using a toolB.    To make a selection between alternative toolsC.    To assess whether the tool will be cost- effectiveD.    To ensure the tools fits existing processes without change Answer: C QUESTION 251Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between test planning and test execution? A.    Test planning ensures the level of detail in test procedures is appropriate for test executionB.    Test planning schedules test execution but does not assign resourcesC.    Test planning defines the overall approach to testing but does not schedule specific activities such as test executionD.    Test planning identifies test objectives related to scope and risk but does not define the level of detail for test procedures used in test execution Answer: A Lead2pass are committed on providing you with the latest and most accurate CTFL_001 exam dumps. Our CTFL_001 dump is rich in variety. We offer CTFL_001 PDF dumps and CTFL_001 VCE dumps. We ensure you can pass the CTFL_001 easily. 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