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How do you allow data entry and posting in a BPC Excel sheet?

A.    Add a row to show the variance of the plan.
B.    Use a hierarchical structure for member values.
C.    Set the workbook option to ‘Refresh automatically’.
D.    Use base members.

Answer: D

What is displayed in an EVDRE report when ‘Account1, Account2’ is in the PageKeyRange, with entity in the rows and time in columns?

A.    Aggregated data for Account1 and Account2
B.    All Accounts other than Account1 and Account2
C.    Account1 and Account2 in separate rows
D.    Account1 and Account2 in separate columns

Answer: A

You want to format your account members dynamically in an EVDRE report.
In which column do you have to enter the value ‘NUMBERFORMAT=ACCOUNT.FORMAT’?

D.    USE

Answer: D

For which user does the system prevent saving templates to the company folder?

A.    For a team leader with the Manage Template task
B.    For a non admin user with the Manage Template task
C.    For a user with the Primary Admin default function task
D.    For a team leader without the Manage Template task

Answer: B

What determines the user access to BPC Applications?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    Profile SAP_ALL
B.    Secured dimensions
C.    Member access profile
D.    User/team assignment

Answer: BC

When a user tries to log in to an Application using BPC for Excel, the Application does not appear in the list of available Applications the user just created.
What is the problem?

A.    The user is not created correctly.
B.    The Application is not created correctly.
C.    The member access profile is not correct.
D.    The task profile is not correct.

Answer: C

What Application option do you have to select when you create an Application to make intercompany eliminations?

A.    Account Transformation
B.    Validation Rules
C.    Balance Carry Forward
D.    Automatic Adjustment

Answer: D

A customer wants to use special exchange rates for only 2 out of 160 entities when doing currency translation.
What dimension and what property do you use for that?

A.    Currency dimension – CURRENCY TYPE property
B.    Account dimension – ACCTYPE property
C.    Account dimension – RATETYPE property
D.    Entity dimension – FX_TYPE property

Answer: D

How do you control inserting records into the database in BPC?

A.    Via Work Status
B.    Via Business Rules
C.    Via Distributor and Collector
D.    Via Audit

Answer: A

Which step is required to store a comment to a filled cell in an Excel pop-up in BPC for NetWeaver?

A.    Save the Excel workbook locally.
B.    Enable comments in the Application parameters.
C.    Assign a keyword.
D.    Enable comments in the Application Set parameters.

Answer: B

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