This page was exported from New Released Exam Dumps Free Download In Lead2pass [ ] Export date:Sat Jul 4 10:18:29 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Lead2pass New] Lead2pass Latest Cisco 200-310 Exam Questions Free Downloading (411-425) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 November Cisco Official New Released 200-310 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! 2017 get prepared with fully updated Cisco 200-310 real exam questions and accurate answers for 200-310 exam. Lead2pass IT experts review the 200-310 newly added questions and offer correct Cisco 200-310 exam questions answers. 100% pass easily! Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 411Which three of these are components of the North American Numbering Plan? (Choose three.) A.    Numbering Plan AreaB.    country codeC.    prefixD.    zoneE.    line numberF.    trunk channelAnswer: ACE QUESTION 412Which two statements about the Enterprise Data Center Aggregation submodule are correct? (Choose two.) A.    it provides Layer 4 7 servicesB.    it should never support STPC.    it is the critical point for control and application servicesD.    it typically provides Layer 2 connectivity from the data center to the core Answer: AC QUESTION 413Which network management protocol allows a network device to have vendor-specific objects for management? A.    SNMP v1B.    SNMP v2C.    SNMP v3D.    MIBE.    RMON1F.    RMON2 Answer: D QUESTION 414Which two solutions are parts of the Cisco Security Management Suite? (Choose two.) A.    ASAB.    Cisco Security AgentC.    NAC ApplianceD.    csmE.    pixF.    Cisco Security MARS Answer: DF QUESTION 415When monitoring voice traffic on a converged network, which are the three most important QoS characteristics to pay attention to? (Choose three.) A.    delayB.    jitterC.    packet lossD.    bit error rateE.    CRTP hop configuration Answer: ABC QUESTION 416An internal network has servers with private IPv4 addresses that must be visible from the public network. Which kind of address translation should be used to ensure this? A.    many-to-one translation (PAT)B.    many-to-one translation (Dynamic NAT)C.    one-to-one translation (Static NAT)D.    one-to-one translation (NAT Traversal) Answer: C QUESTION 417Which two of these are the most accurate characteristics of EIGRP deployment? (Choose two.) A.    Provides features for most Ethernet, Frame Relay, and dial-up network deployment types.B.    Provides routing for IPv4, IPv6, Appletalk, and IPX.C.    Provides default hierarchical routing and summarization of a VLSM IP address deployment.D.    Provides quick convergence through neighbor relationships and topology backup routes.E.    Provides the best route selection on combined default metrics of active bandwidth, delay, load, reliability, and MTU parameters. Answer: BD QUESTION 418Which of the following is a modular component within the Cisco Enterprise Campus module in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture framework? A.    TeleworkerB.    E-CommerceC.    Internet ConnectivityD.    Building DistributionE.    WAN/MAN Site-to-Site VPN Answer: D QUESTION 419Which two design methodology steps relate, at least in part, to the implement phase of the PPDIOO process? (Choose two.) A.    verifying the networkB.    testing designC.    determining customer requirementsD.    characterizing the existing networkE.    establishing the organizational requirements Answer: AB QUESTION 420Which H.323 protocol monitors calls for factors such as packet counts, packet loss, and arrival jitter? A.    H.225B.    H.245C.    RASD.    RTCP Answer: D QUESTION 421Refer to the exhibit. Which element or elements of the existing network infrastructure does this network map emphasize?   A.    network servicesB.    network protocolsC.    the OSI data link layerD.    network applications Answer: D QUESTION 422The BodMech online fitness organization specializes in creating fitness plans for senior citizens. The company recently added a health-products retail inventory. Which E-Commerce module device will allow customers to interact with the company and purchase products? A.    application serverB.    database serverC.    public serverD.    web serverE.    NIDS applianceF.    SMTP mail server Answer: D QUESTION 423Which two of the following are benefits of using a modular approach to network design? (Choose two.) A.    improves flexibilityB.    facilitates implementationC.    lowers implementation costsD.    improves customer participation in the design process Answer: AB QUESTION 424Which two routing protocols usually converge most quickly? (Choose two.) A.    RIPv1B.    RIPv2C.    BGPD.    IGRPE.    EIGRPF.    OSPF Answer: EF QUESTION 425Which two wireless attributes should be considered during a wireless site survey procedure? (Choose two.) A.    encryptionB.    channelC.    authenticationD.    powerE.    SSID Answer: BD Latest 200-310 questions and answers from Cisco Exam Center offered by Lead2pass for free share now! 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